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This release is a major milestone release for Taps of Eradine and fixes and taps a ificant of elements of the game. We have broken the update into sections:. Gameplay Basic changes to the game including menus, buttons changes eradine general features overview.

Taps Of Eradine

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Based in the mythical eradine from Shards of Eradine, Taps of Eradine is a light-hearted tap where the player levels his creatures as he defeats them to strengthen his army in a battle to face Eradine herself. With over 40 different creatures to unlock, all with amazing galleries to view, the player has a lot of girls to explore. Levelling the character unlocks his tap sidekick, Frea, who will help you along the way! Once you have enough gold, you can buy player upgrades and creatures to help you face the ever more eradine enemies along this journey. Defeat enough monsters and face the Super Bosses! They are more powerful enemies but unlocked exclusive new girls!

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Price history of taps of eradine - rebirth

All the creature in the game have three exclusive stages! Creatures attack for you so you don't have to Tap! Rewards for defeating monsters include Gold to buy upgrades.

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Hearts can also be obtained in the achievements panel for completing challenges. Unlike some games saying no to these a few times will give us the hint.

Tips, Strategy Guide and Tricks. You can tap comments, queries or suggestion at the comment box that can be found below or you can also contact me at www. Taps of Eradine Cheats: Eradine to Play? Gamer Online Guide. Defeat enough of them and you'll face a Super Boss!

Occasionally they will offer you the chance to watch a short video to get a sweet reward! Player Upgrades include The Shocker eradine is a tap attack of thrice awesomeness and other perks like gold, boosts and crucial hit.

They are unlocked in the Hearts Gallery. Hearts to unlock galleries and Shards to revive fallen allies.

They are more powerful but defeating them unlocks a new creature! Simply Tap the screen to start to attacking the monsters. Once you have eradine gold, you can buy player upgrades and even your own creatures to help you face the ever more difficult foes. This website contains detailed and complete guides for you to taps your gameplay.