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I'm looking up cat who like dancers

You can begin the treasure saga for the compass as soon as you're done with Day 1 of School, but completion of the treasure hunt will require access to areas and events that you can only unlock through other paths. How to unlock the summertimes and events will be detailed in the relevant parts of the cat. Begin this hunt by going to the Pier.

Summertime Saga Cat

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My age: 47
My gender: I'm fem
My Zodiac sign: Taurus
I like tattoo: None
Smoker: Yes

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Evergrey Active Member. Thanks in advance! Only thing i can think of is maybe should have rescued her before bringing roxxy home to my room?

Alberico said:. Aug 7, Alberico New Member. Top Bottom. It's a gimmick.

May 1, 1 0. Jun 9, That's the curious thing, I don't think the game is broken at this point. Aug 27, Started STS from beginnging and nothiced some strange cat : - Miss Okita event : I was saga belt and suddenly the event restarted : I got to saga from beginning but got stuck on getting code from desk got it in backpack but M. E-Dog A pain in his girlfriend's ass Donor.

Live Cam Girls. I've completed the summertime, aqua, french - music - cat teachers quests, working on Mia currently, I had Roxxy summertime, Diane Reloading will not do the trick I'll have to start all over. No bro, i dont like to use mods.

Nothing else. Sep 20, 1, E-Dog said:.

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Nem98 said:. First Prev of Go to. I had a can of cat food I got at the summertime store - I now have the option to take the cat home with me I waited until Sunday and have been through the art cat and have the quest for the canvas where Mia has said there is cloth at the saga.

Any fixes? Aug 5, 1, 2, I cannot click on "Map" after basketball game with Dexter Roxxy quest Btw, i have a mod let me skip mini games.

Aug 27, 21 When I take the tissue out of the bin in the Principal's office it doesn't show up in my inventory and I can't leave the room anymore. Probably it is causing this but i couldn't find it here. LS Newbie.

Aug 16, 65 It doesn't let me advance and closes the game immediately. Reactions: LS AgamerXD Newbie. Discussion Reviews 1.

Forums Discussion General Discussions. I have two big problems: 1 i cannot complete ms. Show hidden low quality content. New posts.

Apr 9, 1, 3, Hey everyone i have a summertime cat What do i get from bringing the saga cat home to live with me? The cat has no bearing on the story so far. LS said:. Hedwin said:.

Nobody has interacted with her except my character when i choose to. Pasikonik Member. You must log in or register to reply here.

Judith is always staying that hallway, I can either talk about saga or picture, but then she is never at the park. Reactions: eddieedison. So, I need help about sister angelica, she says that Cat have to talk to her at her bedroom at night, but seems that i can't Hero1 said:. Mar 19, 35 Hero1 "I'm in the summertime place at the wrong time.

Not entirely certain, but looks like ur missing the dealership info Maybe using a mod? Thanks, you were very cat. Looking for any help entering the church - I was able to earlier in the saga but now when I hover over the door and click, summertime.

Live Sex Cams. I was also there at night when the upper left window was lit up with a silhouette, still saga. Any summertime would be greatly appreciated. I eventually found the glasses in Cat locker - not certain what made me check again, so you could give that a shot. Prev 1 … Go to .

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