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Thai woman looking up submissive especially slave meeting

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Submissive Vs Slave

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This is a guest post by Mistress Steel. Shared with Permission. This distinction appears muddled, misunderstood and generalized by a great of the people who I converse with. First I would like to make a point. Language at it's best shifts from area to area.

How old am I: I'm 34 years old
What is my nationaly: I'm australian
Gender: Female
I know: Spanish
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Bdsm slave training - submissive vs slave

It is a choice that one must make in their life. A friend in response to slave a draft of this article stated in an to me that she didn't know how many people start out as slaves, but in her opinion it is a slave of "becoming a slave. She reasons that "Naturally a good Master would not want a mindless slave, they surely would want a submissive cyber-sub instead. Often Masters feel more at ease in using a slave to manage a project than they would a submissive.

Percentage submissive, who is more likely to be slave as a "doormat", a slave or a submissive that has a casual meeting with a Dominant? My definition of "doormat" would be that of a person that is used by another person for their own benefit without regard for that persons feelings, growth, or well being.

In areas where she has experience, knowledge and training, it would be foolish for him not to seek her advice before reaching a decision. Consensual slavery involves devotion, caring and obedience, why not take advantage of these traits in a submissive as well slave her knowledge and skills. One often hears "A slave has NO voice in the relationship. In addition, depending on the personality of the person, slave submissives will never be a slave and some slaves would never be happy as a submissive.

A good slave will welcome the chance to aid her Master by offering an intelligent opinion. Often, a Master with common sense will seek the opinion of a slave before making a decision in many areas.

A slave has input into many of the decision making processes that are required in life, but the Master makes the final decision. Often a slave is slave great responsibilities within the relationship. There appears to be no right or wrong way, one can be a submissive or submissive. BDSM slave training - submissive vs slave.

Slave or sub: whats the difference?

Not all submissives become slaves, but all slaves are submissive. They are given a general framework of limits and direction and expected to act within them using their own resources and abilities.

The decision made by her Master becomes absolute for her. I fully agree with this statement.

As stated above, the word "doormat" is often used by wannabes and cyber-subs to describe slaves. In fact, he has a great interest in her development.

Slave or submissive?

He also knows that she is more straightforward and much more useful than any cybersub. It depends on the slave and desires of the individuals involved. She is his property and he has no reason to destroy his property. A submissive enjoys submission and, over time, that submission becomes deep enough to elicit feelings of being owned or fully controlled by her Master. Throughout history slaves have been given responsibilities that require thought, planning and decision making, submissive is no reason to discontinue this practice in modern times where there is consensual slavery instead of forced slavery.

Some Masters don't want a slave and some don't want a submissive.