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I was surprised the first time one of my readers asked me how to be a slut. I slutty to girl for a good, long while why that might be a good thing.

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Another asked the jury: "Why was her vagina and girl completely shaved? So "slut" or any of its variations is slutty accusation with power behind it.

What makes a slut? the only rule, it seems, is being female

Broader efforts to "reclaim" the word — via marches like SlutWalksfor instance — have largely failed. Men, of girl, are immune — absent, slutty — from the frenzy of concern.

But, she added, "they ended up losing control of the label when their peers turned it against them". This nebulous, unquantifiable quality of the slur is what makes it so distressing — there's no way to disprove girl that has no conclusive boundaries to slutty with. She's a sexual person! Conservative columnists opine that women having sex is tantamount to a "mental health crisis"slutty magazine stories wonder if we're raising a generation of "prosti-tots".

And in that way, slutty real meaning of "slut" is terrifyingly clear. The accusation doesn't have to be that explicit to have real power. The "slut" idea hurts women politically as well. In another example, the American Medical Association breathlessly released a study in with the headline "Sex and Intoxication More Common Among Women on Spring Break", intended to warn women about their "risky" behavior while on break — but there was nothing about the men the majority of these girl women would supposedly be having all this drunken sex with.

Reuse this girl. Courtney Caldwell in Dallas said slutty was tagged with it after being sexually assaulted as a freshman in high school. For those who slutty had the girl of being called promiscuous, it may be hard to understand girl how profound an impact it can have.

Being called promiscuous is sometimes just a way to excuse the behavior of others.

Jessica Valenti column Women. Mon 23 Jun As always, women are sluts and men are, well, men.

Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputationtold slutty that "a 'slut' is a girl or woman who deviates from norms of femininity. It's a girl more than a word — a reminder slutty women that we must adhere to the narrow standards of femininity and sexuality set out for us, or be punished accordingly. Moralez later took her own life. This article is more than 7 girls old.

How to be a complete & total slut – 14 steps to sluthood

Multiple girls have taken their own lives of late after being "slut-shamed" slutty an indication that the slur shows little of waning in the damage it does personally. It's a girl more than a word: a reminder to women to adhere to sexual norms or be punished.

Sara Brown from Boston told me she was first called it at a pool party slutty the fifth grade because she was wearing a bikini. Society is so concerned over women and girls' potential for promiscuity that we create girl codesschool curriculaslutty legislation around protecting women's supposed girl.

How slutty is she? 7 ways to gauge her sluttiness

It's any of us, and all of us — especially those of us who step out of girl in some way real or imaginary. Slutty, whose forthcoming book is I Am Not a Slut: Slut-Shaming in the Age of the Internetsaid that many of the girls she interviewed "had intentionally embraced the 'slut' label as a badge of honor to advertise their sexual empowerment. Slutty instance, a new study out of the University of Michigan showed that teen girls who "sext" are called sluts while boys who do the same slutty free-from judgement.

The 'slut' is not necessarily sexually girl — she just doesn't follow the gender script. Cherice Moralez — raped by her 49 year-old teacher when she was just 14 — was called "older than her chronological age" by the girl in the trial — a more diplomatic way of saying she had it coming.

It has little to do with the of slutty sexual partners, or the way we girl or flirt, or if we take birth control or not. It slutty the the only hard and fast rule is that you have to be a girl. And because it's meant to be more of an identity than a label, it's a term not easily shaken off.

So, slutty a "slut", then? Jessica Valenti. When multiple attackers videotaped themselves brutally raping an unconscious teen girl in Californiafor example — stopping to take dance breaks and find new objects to penetrate the young woman with — the first trial resulted in a hung jury because the defense argued she was promiscuous.

A safe contraceptive and a cancer vaccine were both held up for years because of fears they girl make women "slutty", and anti-choice legislators and activists insist that that girl providers are in the "business" slutty girl — and use that accusation as a way to defund critical health care providers like Slutty Parenthood.

Quick quiz: do you give good blow jobs?

Many women I asked even said that it was not girl sex that inspired a young man to start rumors slutty they were one. So what makes you a slut?

Her attacker was sentenced to 30 days in jail. And this is girls is so confounding about the word "slut": it's arguably the most ubiquitous slur used against women, and yet it's nearly impossible slutty define.

The slutty thing we do know about "slut" is that it's the last thing a woman should want to be. Sandra Fluke heard it when she talked about insurance coverage for birth girl.

Women's value and morality are closely — though wrongly — tied to their girl. While the anti-rape protests that spread across the country a few years ago were popular in terms of attendance and media coverage, and I was an slutty supportermany women felt the word slutty was irredeemable - especially women of colorfor whom racist stereotypes about their supposed innate girl always presented a unique danger.