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I'd like kik male that like roleplaying

And any other homestuck ships you wanna add in just tell me. First is the regular homestuck troll, then there are petstuck trolls. These are called pre-trolls.

Roleplaying On Kik

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Remove this ad. You are on: Forums » Introductions » Looking for roleplayers on kik. Forums » Introductions » Looking for roleplayers on kik March 14, pm. Hello there.

Years: I'm 50 years old
Where am I from: Portuguese
Color of my hair: Dark-haired hair
What I prefer to drink: Lager

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I would also prefer if my partner roleplayed in third p. By Justin New! Tags kik nsfw. I am searching for a male who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I especially like and situations where an older girl ends up sub to a younger girl through unexpected reasons. By BlackMoses New! Tags romance kik dirtyroleplay.

Romance and kink welcome but please don't force it. I'm just looking for someone to roleplay with on kik!

I like to start off clean, then progress to dirty. Heya I'm Hunter and I would love to do a nsfw roleplay on kik I'm roleplaying openminded so we can talk about roles there my kik is bigsis Hello, I'm currently looking for kik literate long term partner.

Hi, the name's Amber, I'm a roleplaying literate butI do try my best to put as much effort in my responses and how much you write in your responses I try and stick with writing that much as well. The app feature. Kik love to discuss more details and I'm very flexible.

Preferably it'll grow. I've thought and created a idea for this roleplay and little different from those usual gang roleplays so here's what I got! I havn't done any rp in ages and I miss it.

By sarahsgonern New! I want you to take complete control of me and use me for your pleasure. I want to submit to you and be your cocksle. Message me your asl and ask for the details if intere.

What is roleplay?

By Usingusername New! By TheDoubtingCynic New! By danizzel New! Tags kik force kidnap. Look through my previou. So my kinks are Public play, publicshowing the other person off in public, control, being roleplaying, roughspanking kik other person, Limits Toilet stuff,peop.

By Austoonn New! By LimusPluviam New! By WaffleBiscuit New! Tags roleplay kik romanceandlove darkthemed. Hello, it's me LimusPluviam, I'm looking for a fellow member s to rp with on Kik, I love fantasy, action, adventure, and romance rps but I'm ok with anything. Looking for a very detailed fantasy world kidnapping roleplaying play where you play as a large group of creepy older men or creatures that kidnap me.

Textnow: Talk in wh. The types of kik I like include kiddnappings.

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I've been a bad boy and need a mistress to kik me and bend me to their will. By Roleplaying New! Tags slave slaveandmaster punishment kik submissive. I'm l. Can you please come and discover.

Roleplay with kik messenger

I had a specific setting and such in mind, which consists of you playing as my younger, yet very busty sister! By ShootingKat New! Tags kik.

By eeronlol New! By Alicefrost64 New! By PoisonousAddiction New! By ChatWithYou New! Tags roleplay romance kik. BTW this is not a starter, just explai. I would like for our kik to have an actual plot and not just. By JoeKeag New! By SabWatts New! By hannahhbabez New! By Sunnykrose New! Tags roleplay roleplaying kik fantasyrp kidnapping. Roleplays Blogs.

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I like to do fantasy rps, mostly original characters. By slcooper New! By Zzonar New! By Omgwhatisthat New! By SaziWazi New! By sissywannabe New! Tags roleplay fantasy masterandslave scifi storybased kik futa.

Tags Roleplays Popular Members Social. I'm a 23 year old woman. Hello to all and welcome.

I'm looking for a female roleplay partner of I'm 22 who's willing to do a romantic longterm RP with occasional ual content. My Kik is LimusPluviam. Kik Roleplays.

Log In Register. I am looking for a dave to do davekat with. No toilet play kik my only thing, my Kik roleplaying firedrake and I would love to hear from you, I have a ton of kink.