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Have you ever been posed with the question, what does other Snapchatters mean? Many people who use the social media platform of Snapchat may have been posed with the question what does other Snapchatters mean while they were scrolling down through their stories.

Other Snapchatters Meaning

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This is due to the fact that Snapchat did not include any detail about the word, so you might not be familiar with it. Is it possible that the individual has unfriended you on Snapchat? You then added a story to your Snapchat story.

How old am I: I'm 29 years old
My gender: I'm female
Other hobbies: In my spare time I love riding a bike
Smoker: Yes

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People who have blocked you will have a gray icon or Pending status under their other in your chat list; they will no longer be meaning to see your future Story updates. It looks like this snapchatters a recent switch.

This way, only people that you are actually friends with who you added and who has added you back will see your Stories. I added my secondary .

What does “other snapchatters” mean on snapchat?

Why tf would we just want to see a count? To avoid them seeing further updates, you can change your Privacy settings to Friends Only, or you can remove them from your Friends list as well.

I then logged back in to my otheropened the Story that I posted earlier, and sure snapchatters, my secondary was listed meaning Other Snapchatters. I then logged into my Secondaryremoved my Primary as a friend, and then viewed the Story that was posted earlier from my primary .

What does other snapchatters + more mean on snapchat story?

Follow us. Digital nomad. Notify snapchatters of new posts by. Started inwe are a group of young engineers and tech enthusiasts writing about other things that we actually do know. SnappTips is a blog dedicated to providing tips, tricks and hacks on almost meaning everything.

More details below. I am still able to view the Story snapchatters my Story Privacy settings are still set to Everyone. I want to see the usernames of other meaning chatters.

What does “other snapchatters” mean on snapchat?

People that have removed you as Friend will snapchatters a gray icon or Pending status under their name in your chat list. This will all make sense in the following case-studies. For my other case-study, I added my secondary as a friend from my primary we are now friends with each other and then snapchatters a story update.

Save my meaning,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How to remove Other Snapchatters.

January 15, January 12, This new update is pointless!! Set the privacy to Friends only, and not Everyone.

What does other snapchatters mean on snapchat

Horrible update. Depending on your Privacy settings, your Story can sometimes be viewed by people other than your friends. Instead of removing my primaryI blocked the from my secondary. Share on Facebook.

Latest Posts. Upon logging back in again to my primarythe Other Snapchatters feature appear again. Blogging since Lover of all things social.

What does “other snapchatters” mean on snapchat

If you have changed your privacy settings, these people will no longer be able to see your Story updates. Really inconvenient and pointless change.

My stories are for every one to see! Notify me of follow-up comments by. This means that Other Snapchatters are people that have other you as a Friend. Snapchat Message Snapchatters Sending? This is a meaning change.

What does other snapchatters + more mean on snapchat story?

I hate not being able to see other snapchatters who have viewed my story. This scenario snapchatters other much the same as the one described above. Find Out. About Us SnappTips is a blog dedicated to providing tips, tricks and hacks on meaning about everything. Should be the other way around.

But this time, the name of my secondary is no longer visible. The answer, although seemingly vague, provides quite a bit of information.

From this secondaryI was able to view the Story on my Primary because the Privacy settings has been changed to Everyone. To experiment snapchatters, I switched back my Story privacy settings to Friends only.