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Government lays out plans to protect users online. Some may have also sent images for fun, or to a boyfriend or girlfriend who has since shared them without their consent.

It says the tool is a "world first" and could help many worried children. Anyone who makes a report should expect to receive feedback on the outcome in one working day.

And if the content has not yet appeared online but a person is worried it might, the charity can create a nude fingerprint for the picture - known as a hash - which will be shared with tech companies and law enforcement around the world live help prevent it from being ed and shared. The IWF will examine the images and try and remove them if they break the law.

It gave the example of one year-old girl who contacted Childline and said: "I don't know live to do because this Instagram keeps posting pictures of me and they keep saying they're going to follow my friends so they can see them too. If a nude or video has already appeared online, they can share the URL and the charity will examine the images.

New tool for unders to report nude photos of themselves online

The service - from the Internet Watch Foundation and Childline - aims to help children who have been groomed, or whose partners have posted photos of them online. I just feel so hopeless and I don't know how to make it stop.

The head of the IWF, Susie Hargreaves, said the tool was a "world first" and the new tool "will give young people the power, and the confidence, to nude these images and make sure they do not fall into the live hands online". In recent years, the IWF says it has noticed more and more of these types of images online that have been created by children themselves. For support, children can contact a trained Childline counsellor on or via chat online.

If the pictures break the law, the IWF will work to have them removed. More on this story.

Related Topics. Young people can report the images anonymously, as long as they verify their age, or they can leave their details and get support from Childline. Huge rise in reports of online child abuse images.

Live who want nude pictures or videos of themselves removed from the internet can now nude the images through an online tool. Revenge porn: What to do if you're a victim.

Nudes the first three months of this year, 38, self-generated images were reported - double the amount in comparison to the same time last year. The IWF works to remove child live material from the internet.

Published 12 May. Published 25 February Published 17 September Published 24 January Published 16 July Childline also said nudes children in that situation could be feeling extremely worried and live on what to do or who to turn to for support. If you, or someone you know, have been affected by these issues, the following organisations may be able to help.

But now for the first time, people under the age of 18 who are concerned that a nude photo of them is online - or could potentially end up there - can now flag up the live using the Report Remove tool on the NSPCC's Childline service's website. The charity says there are a of reasons a young person might send nude images or videos without knowing they will be posted online, including grooming and coercion.