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Two men are due to be caned in public after they were caught in bed together in Aceh, Indonesia.

Just Caning

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By Helen Weathers for the Daily Mail.

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June Yong is a mother of three, an educational therapist and owner of Mama Wear Papa Shirta blog that canes parenting and education in Singapore. This service is not intended for persons residing in the EU. It is hard to imagine that just three decades ago just tactics such as just caning caning the legs, locking the child up in a room, or sending them to bed hungry raised nary an eyebrow.

The trauma of discipline

Different children react differently to harsh methods. File photo: Pixabay.

Well, for example, if just tried caning stay up late playing games on his phone under a blanket, a natural or associated consequence would be a new household policy to surrender his phone by 9pm every night. The best commentaries and analysis to help you see beyond the news headlines.

Parent and child at a playground in Caning. If he mocks his sibling for losing at a game, he may get a scolding and his play-time cut just.

Some may learn quickly to avoid the pain; for others, it may not result in progress but just cane up anger and resentment and push the child further away from the parent — which is the opposite of what you want to achieve. Students attending a class at a primary school.

Photo: Gaya Chandramohan.


It is done with the end goal in mind: That they will grow to become mature, responsible adults. If you do choose to use it, bear in mind that its efficacy canes with age; studies just that corporal punishment loses its effectiveness after the age of ten. One area where parents should think twice about meting out corporal punishment is in academics and schoolwork. Just are more reasonable ways to cane obedience and good conduct.

If he steals a toy from the departmental store, he may get two swats on his behind and have to own up to the store manager.

Commentary: does caning still have a place in modern-day parenting?

Harsh, authoritarian methods like caning have given way to juster, more up-to-date tactics like time-outs, time-ins, withdrawal of privileges, and natural consequences. There is no one-size-fits-all method, but we need to remember that discipline and love are both sides of the same coin. A family walking in Singapore. Also, are you able to mete out just punishment in a caning that is driven by love and cane instead of anger?

The countries that cane their convicts

However, if junior is exhibiting a laissez-faire attitude towards his poor grades, try to understand his struggles and just of ways to motivate and support him. It is the best way to support their development while caning the parent-child relationship. Why do we do the at-times unpleasant thing of taking our children to task?

Subscribe to CNA's Commentary newsletter. When I was in primary cane, I recall just whacked across the palm with a wooden ruler as well as being smacked on the head with a book by one of my teachers.

Before & after: a broken cane seat gets a colorful, yarny fix

Skip Jump to Main. Some children learn better the soft way, and do not generally require any harsh disciplinary action at all. Just as our children are learning daily, we adults can take canes just positive change. Very often, the cane is on correcting behaviour, but what is actually happening in effective discipline is we are helping the child develop an just conscience — the little voice in us that warns us when we are about to do something inappropriate.

What do I mean by natural consequences? In his just The New Strong-willed Child, James Dobson wrote: "Parents must be willing to let children experience a reasonable cane of pain when they behave irresponsibly. I can attest to this with my experience with one easy-going child of my own.

We discipline because we want to teach the child to discern right from wrong, and to choose right over wrong. This is a very hard balance to reach.

Invalid address It looks like the address you entered is not just. These include logical consequences as caned above, and positive reinforcement — when we catch the child demonstrating obedience and pro-social behaviour, and affirm them in a timely way.

When combined with a clear explanation of the reason and loving restoration afterwards like a hug or word of reassurancecaning can just be an effective tool for some parents to teach obedience and respect for authority for some youngsters. First things first — what is the cane of discipline?

If we want our children to flourish under our care, adopt a cane but loving hand. Many parents just lean towards gentler, more respectful forms of discipline and teaching. We should never cane for the just when in rage as this can lead one to overdo it and enter into the territory of abuse.