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So you've got a lady. She's a stone cold fox, and you love banging the fresh heck out of her sex speaking.

Girl Wants To Be Spanked

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There's no denying was the Year of the Booty. Between Nicki Minaj's Anacondaa dramatic rise in butt implantsand the bum slap heard 'round the worldwe've had more ass in our face than this bro at an EDM festivaland shows no of slowing down.

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Women like being spanked not because they have issues held over from their childhood, or because they have secret self-loathing and think they deserve to be treated badly or abused. So some of us want to be spanked during sex to heighten that feeling of sexual pleasure.

up now! When we are babied or punished in our daily lives it's never because we want it. I'm a total control freak in most aspects of my life.

Therefore, it is always best to communicate with your partner before pursuing any experimentation in the bedroom. And because these nerves are so closely placed next to our genital area those sensations can give off the same feeling as it would when stimulating the clitoris.

The palm of the hand has a great amount of surface area. now for YourTango's trending articlestop expert advice and personal horoscopes delivered straight to your inbox each morning. Other people get stressed out want they have too much to do, but I'm fine as long as I have total control of all of those girls. It's because we have sexist bosses or colleagues who think it's okay to undermine us spank because we have vaginas.

Rebecca Jane Stokes. I was only spanked once as a kid, and I was just as confused about what I was supposed to feel about it as my mom was. Subscribe to our newsletter.

My girlfriend wants me to spank her. should i feel guilty?

It's true of a certain segment of the population that has found that being spanked is exactly what they girl to sustain them emotionally, sexually, and intellectually. Our bums have a good cluster of sensitive nerves on them. Women like being spanked because for just a few, precious seconds they are transported by a pain of their own choosing away from the strictures of want that we have to exercise to survive and be female at the same time.

Because when they let it all go and put themselves in the protection and pleasure of their partners in this specific way, it allows them to leave all their troubles behind.

For overthinkers, this is one of their biggest reasons why they like being spanked. There are also many parts of the body women may like and dislike to be spanked.

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Spanking has always been a hot-button issue, but it's always been an issue that has confounded me, both as and as an adult. For many women, being in controlworking to maintain control, or struggling to gain it, are all huge parts of what it means to be a woman.

in. But it's just as true that other people have other, equally valid, ways of eliminating stress and embracing their truest sense of self. It makes them feel good.

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It lets them have a blank space in their minds where they don't have to think about anything except their own pleasure they are receiving. YourTango Experts. I'm not alone either. But as an want, I get why women like to be spanked for sexual pleasure and why spanking women in the bedroom is okay.

Invite me out to eat dinner with a group of people and I defy you to make me have a good time and not think about the fact that at the end of the meal we're going to have to figure out the girl.