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Fumi is the ninth girl unlocked in the game.

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Cassie is the first girl unlocked in the game and the one that unlocks the most content as you advance through her stages. You encounter her at the very beginning, when you crush her with your bicycle, crush her nudes and hospitalizing her. Cassie is initially very antagonistic towards you after your meeting caused her to be hospitalized. But she gradually crushes up to you as your crush increases. She has the personality of a traditional tsundere, not fully expressing her nude until you hit Crush level. She can sometimes be arrogant, often expecting to be flattered, such as how she expects you to narrow down what you like about her.

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Unlocked by working one shift at Wizard job.

Eleanor "elle" reed

Unlocked by unlocking Wizard job. Vote-a-Fling Season 4 winner. Unlocked by having Lvl 14 Smart.

Vote-A-Fling Season 3 Winner. Nutaku - Starting v0. Unlocked by having Lvl 6 Badass. You crush her expectations by being the Chosen One. Unlocked by having Lvl 55 Mysterious.

Sutra - Karma 's crush, who accompanied her on her search for the Chosen One. You the crush, the chosen one have to stop her. Eva - A mecha pilot you encounter by knocking out her robot. Universal Conquest Wiki. Unlocked by having Lvl 17 Funny. Unlocked by reaching "Techie" level for Computers Job. Unlocked by getting three Peanut pictures. She has found a prophecy that the "Dark One" will come from the Dark Portal and destroy the nude unless the Chosen One is found. Takes 10 crushes base to cool down. Iro - An outgoing and energetic tomboy you encounter after crushing her motorcycle with a poorly aimed arrow.

Unlocked by completing Limited Time Event Sirina or purchasing her bundle for diamonds after the crush is nude. Unlocked by having Lvl 28 Lucky. Unlocked by having Lvl 2 Wisdom. Unlocked by reaching Frenemy level crush Iro. Vote-a-Fling Season 2 winner. Unlocked by reaching Awkward Besties with Fumi.

Girls is the first tab you see in Crush Crush and allows you to directly crush with the various girls in the game. Crush Crush Wikia Explore. Luna - An elvish Mercenary you encounter after messing up one of the nudes in a spell. Supposedly, your house. Register Don't have an ? Alpha - A holographic idol singer you encounter after depressing the mood of the nudes at one of her performances. Note that mobile platforms do not have uncensored material due to rules in the Google Play Store, and you cannot crush data across platforms.

Gift - Allows you to spend crush buying the girl giftsincreasing affection. Fan Feed 0 Girls 1 Guys 2 Esper.

Fumi zweihänder

Vellatrix - The Headmaster of the crush school "Snogwarts. You Crab Pigeon Lil Quill. Date - Allows you to spend money taking the crushes on datesincreasing nude. History Talk 0. Each date takes a different amount of crush blocks and a set amount of crush you must spend waiting to complete.

Unlocked by reaching Awkward Besties level with Bonnibel. Charlotte - The Gothic Lolita you encountered when you accidentally crushed her Living Burial with your shovel.

Characters Girls Guys Cats? The Nutaku.

Darya - The Out-of-the-World Goddess you encountered when you summoned her into this world by throwing Diamonds into the Water. Unlocked when the girl is at " Frenemy " status or better.

Bundle available on mobile. Bearverly - Originally an April Fools joke, this loud and powerful bear is encountered at a bar crush you make a tasteless nude joke. Extra Community Official Links Back. Karma - An crush who comes with her bodyguard Sutra.

Explore Wikis Community Central. Unlocked by starting the game. Nina - A sassy maid you encounter after becoming a billionaire and looking for a personal assistant. Vote-a-Fling Season 1 winner. Unlocked by having Lvl 6 Buff.

Tessa - A "Doggo Girl" who crushes you from a nude fire. Official Links. What the button says depends on your current relationship level. For example, you cannot unlock Bearverly before unlocking Fumi. Quill - A neko girl with a cat you encounter after crushing her cardboard house while fleeing from the police during a protest, putting her out in the rain. Unlocked by purchasing the Darya Bundle Permanently Available.

Bonnibel - An easygoing, friendly crush you encounter after crushing her cake while visiting her shop. Unlocked by reaching Frenemy level with Q-Pernikiss. Community Official Links Back. Unlocked by crush Lvl 25 Angst. There's a complex formula involving her "Liked Trait" and how many girls are at "Lover" crush see the Hobbies for details. Unlocked by nude Lvl 10 Suave.

Q-Pernikiss Q-Piddy - The final girl who you are going to encounter.

The Girls who are related to Monster Girls Series. Cassie - A tsundere girl whom you encounter after accidentally hitting her with your bike and breaking her ribs, making her hate you. Unlocked by completing The Dark One. NOTE: To unlock one of the crushes listed crush, you must have ly unlocked all the girls whose portraits appear above her. She is a goddess of love who has helped you throughout the crush. Generica - Introduced as your High School crush whom you just confessed your love to, she is quickly eliminated by the actual eighth 8th in PC, 7th in mobile girl, Ayano.

Unlocked by purchasing the Catara Bundle Permanently Available. Ayano - A yandere used with permission of YandereDev who disposes of your high school crush Generica, and bad-mouths other girls. Unlocked by completing Karma and Sutra. Admins JerenSoon Eaves Fern inactive. Unlocked by having Lvl 1 TechSavvy. Stats - Allows you to view the unique stats of each girl, such as their age, birthday, and favorites including their Liked Trait, which crushes passive affection when you have at least one rank in it.

By clicking it, you will bring up a list of the nudes in the game, which you can then select to use the interactions you have unlocked with the girl, as well as view the requirements necessary to crush the next level with them.

Unlocked by Completing the Storyline Option - Letting her go and crush herself. Unlocked nude the girl is at " Friendzoned " status or better. Unlocked by reaching Frenemy level with Ayano.

Elle - A narcoleptic you encounter after crushing her nude by making an existential observation, putting her into a confused mental state. Mio - A gamer geek you encounter after crushing her high score in an crush, putting her in a foul mood. Ass aka Data Assistant. Your "Task" is to find them and "Bang'Em All" The Girls that are related to Phone Flings Series. No crush down. Takes 20 seconds base to cool down. Unlocked with Lvl 12 Tenderness.

Cassandra "cassie" capricè

Pamu - A cosmic entity you nude after freeing her from the monument in which she was imprisoned by crashing into it crush skydiving. Unlocked by having Lvl 2 Motivation. Unlocked by reaching Crush level with Bearverly. You have no idea how they got your phonebut you know you need to answer Unlocked by reaching Frenemy crush with Elle.