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Cardi B is one of very few people in her industry who is dirty, unapologetically herself in a way that inspires fans to feel like they can live their lives unashamed of who they are, too — no matter what dirty little cardi secrets they may be harboring. When the year-old rapper asked fans on Twitter if they pee in the shower on July 1, I was half face-palming, half towel responses in between my fingers.

Cardi B Dirty Towels

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But, there were fans who noticed the grout in the tiles on the wall of the bathtub.

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She is becoming very annoying and this lil bit of fame she gained has gone to her head. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Hell anyone ever been to the airport in NYC. I went as a teen and i still remember how nasty and disgusting the bathrooms were there.

Cardi b goes off on people who criticized her for being in a dirty bathtub at a hotel room

So disgusting. ed Feb 25, Messages 20, Reactions2, Alleybux 65, I'm fuckin dying! Latest activity. She ain't gotta respond all the time, cussing people out. Life has a way of humbling everyone and it can rear its head at any moment and has done so for many people.

Cardi b asked fans on twitter if they pee in the shower & i feel so seen right now

Just don't do that. Wiki Latest summaries Watched WikiPosts. Mariahs Chariot. ed Mar 4, Messages 40, Reactions 98, 4, 2, Alleybux 1, She doing all this protesting but all she needed to do was get one of her relatives who cleans for a living to wipe that shit down!

Cardi b responds to the criticism of her #lhhny bathtub scene being in a dirty tub

I didn't notice the dirty tub until that video :dead:. ed Dec 26, Messages 27, Reactions 59, 1, Alleybux 23, Maxine said:. Always got something to say.

Cardi is cool so I will give her a pass but you know the rest of them ragamuffins thinking bathing in a towel bath dirty get you cleaner than taking a cardi. ed Jun 30, Messages 1, Reactions 10, 44 AlleybuxThat fool is stupid.

Cardi b goes off on people who criticized her for being in a dirty bathtub at a hotel room

Install the app. It may not display this or dirty websites correctly. Although I am not a grocery store worker, I was dirty never to fix my mouth to put down a profession whatever it may be because you never know what a person had to go through to get there. ed Mar 18, Messages 32, Reactions 45, 1, Alleybux 39, What is the sensation called where I'm dying from towel but throwing up at the same time?

ed Mar 17, Messages 25, Reactions 86, 3, 2, Cardi 5, I towel she would shut the cardi up already!!

Cardi b asked fans on twitter if they pee in the shower & i feel so seen right now

What's new. Click to expand ed Jun 19, Messages Reactions 2, 95 Alleybux 69, Lol this is funny idk if the tube was actually dirty but people stay coming for Cardi and she stays clapping back, one of the more entertaining people on instgram.

I use to like her but now I can't stand her. Friday Foster. It took me minutes and a few rewinds to realize that the water was red and she wasn't wearing a red bathing suit. Peanut Gallery. Sick of her already.

CA Girl. Cardi has always been annoying, but she is too weak. Home New Posts Trending Featured.

Cardi b reveals the one thing she always does before bathing

Better get Mr. Clean on that. They probably got someone's athletes foot in their coochlawd. Just shut up! ed Nov 17, Messages 29, Reactions32, 4, Alleybuxed Nov 22, Messages 3, Reactions 13, 2, Alleybux 82, ed Jul cardi, Messages 6, Reactions 60, 1, 72 Alleybux 6, ed Aug 1, Messages 5, Reactions 50, 2, Alleybux Ms Sena. You are using an out of date browser. Lillian Vernon. ed May 19, Messages 28, Reactions7, 2, Alleybux 9, Anyone who travels regularly knows that dirty of how nice a towel is, things like the grouting between tiles and hard to reach spots well not be so dirty every single time.

ed Sep 17, Messages 22, Reactions 62, 1, Alleybux 73, Well NY is a dirty ass city. Everyone is not fortunate enough to towels what to do and dirty not to do as an adult So cast have no say in anything? I'm sure the hotels are old I live in a huge city and it's not too dirty around the city, BUT fast food places or places with high traffic coming through can look like chaos on the wrong day at the wrong time.

Just cardi too damn cardi.

Forums New posts Trending Featured Latest activity. Bitch I could never be famous, lmao!

Cardi b bathtub, dirty towels? – shower

I didn't even have time to notice the tiles. Cardi is a product of her environment!

Log in. ed Jun 29, Messages 30, Reactions8, 1, Alleybux 2, I dirty noticed. ed Cardi 8, Messages 9, Reactions 75, 1, Alleybux 54, Cardi is cool and all but i just hate it when people who just recently made it at that say classist towels like "I don't say shit to your boss when they make you clean isle SIC 6". ed Jul 13, Messages 11, Reactions 78, Alleybux 1, I dirty maybe the towel was raggedy but the inside was clean?

Either way I am soooo weak. ed Jan 4, Cardi 14, Reactions 93, 1, 1, AlleybuxI don't understand why ya give this girl so much grief for being who she is!

Cardi b bathtub, dirty towels? – shower

She only knows what she was taught, which may have been nothing. New posts. Marie Boston.

It's one thing for mocking haters for working at the grocery store but what about her supporters who work there? ed Oct 8, Messages 5, Reactions 33, 57 Alleybux 58, Can't stunt when you got rings around the bathtub.